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About Jenny Eve


Jenny Eve is a Freelance Writer based in the North East of England in the United Kingdom who provides content and copy for businesses across the globe. For her professional CV and portfolio please see here and here, or to dip into a mildly amusing version with the same relevant plot points please read on...

Jenny Eve was born in Wales, which meant she was subjected to Welsh language lessons and that is what truly solidified her love of the English Language. This, in turn, encouraged her to move from the motherland to the friendly but chilly North East of England.

One Bachelor's degree in Politics from Durham University later, Jenny graduated into a recession and found herself in the employ of all of the private sector acronyms, HMCTS, HMRC, and DWP. In the weighty world of bureaucratic agencies, Jenny cut her business teeth on LEAN processes and how to effectively handle enraged members of the public over the telephone. Moving on to greener and more financially viable pastures in the public sector Jenny worked for several locally grown but internationally renowned retailers. Brands to be proud of.

With an innate ability to problem solve in high-pressure situations, a keen eye for detail and a healthy compulsion towards perfectionism Jenny quickly rose through the ranks and became a department head at 28.

All the whilst Jenny wrote; she wrote in working hours, always creating and improving customer-facing copy, product descriptions, reports, presentations and Standard Operating Procedures... But also in secret, on weekends and rainy evenings, in coffee shops, on napkins, on envelopes and in hundreds of notebooks.

So when her 30th Birthday appeared on the horizon and a mid-life crisis  arrived early, she could hide it no longer – she took the leap into the great unknown, stepping away from the career of seven years, the benefits and security of permanent employment, taking with her all the lessons learnt, to follow the career of her dreams, that she had worked on since she learnt how to hold a pen. Since making that jump she has helped hundreds of companies clarify their medium, improve their customer interaction, increase conversion and written about almost every sector possible.

She still works as many hours as humanly possible and is as dedicated as ever, but now she does it with a view of the garden and her cat, Toby, occasionally purring in her lap.