JENNY EVE – Captivating Content and Copy

Proofreading, Editing and Ghost-Writing


My obsession with the written word doesn’t just stop at Content and Copy.

If you have any Proofreading, Editing or Ghost-Writing requirements just let me know. Having written professionally and personally for the last seven years I am comfortable providing necessary revisions, constructive edits, as well as creative and factual writing in all mediums. Any projects are billed depending on the size, technical requirements and deadlines involved. Just get in touch now on 07732 376130 for your bespoke quote.

Bespoke Biographies


Do you have a big anniversary, birthday or event coming up? Want a unique way to celebrate that very special someone? Why not try a Jenny Eve Bespoke Biography?

A Bespoke Biography is a very personal and emotive way to let that person know how valued they are. It can be done with the individual to understand them more deeply or with the friends, family or colleagues to get the best insight into how everyone else thinks of them.

This isn’t a fill in the blanks questionnaire either, a couple of easy interviews conducted by Jenny will get the insight, accuracy and anecdotes to weave the fabric of that person’s life, in work or personally, into a speech, a finely printed document or into a wonderful presentation gift.

There are hundreds of creative options available and depending on the nature of the persons involved or the celebration – a truly magical one off piece can be created.

If you are interested in a Bespoke Biography please call on  07732 376130 to discuss your event, the individual or your ideas and Jenny Eve will be honoured to assist.